Sweet Annie's Eyes

Song lyrics
When ya look my way
With them gray green eyes
That say you're ready to go
They don't tell me no lies
Nobody knows what they're missin'
When it's your lips I been kissin'
All dressed up in red silk and satin
Like a crazy dream that I'm havin'
When I look in...
Sweet Annie's Eyes

Got nothin' to lose
Ain't goin' nowhere
Like the scent of her rouge
And the touch of her hair
No chance I'm walkin' away now
Don't got to beg me to stay now
She gets my blood all a steamin'
When I see just one little gleam in
Sweet Annie's Eyes

Got us a little girl, takes after sweet Ann
When she grow up, Lord I pity the man
Who first sets his eyes upon her
Won't have no choice but to want her
Just like her mama before her
One thing that mom gave her daughter
Sweet Annie's Eyes

Lyrics copyright by Max Magliaro 1997. All rights reserved.

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