Not Too Late

Song lyrics

Once a long time ago I set out on the highway,
But every week I traveled led to disappointing Fridays.
Baby... Here I am, standing in the rain.
Baby... Understand, I am still the same.

I don't think that I have got such a bad attitude.
Momma never listened to me. Don't you think that's rude?
Momma, here I am. This one's just for me.
Momma, it doesn't matter if I play for free.

I'm not too loud. I'm not too old.
I'm not too late to grab a hold.
I've been burned. I haven't learned.
So, look out world, 'cause it's my turn.

Now I'm watching all the cars go by. I'm tryin to see
if one of them has got a space left empty just for me.
Baby... here I go. Someone's picked me up.
Baby... Take it slow. Maybe you'll bring me luck.

Lyrics copyright by Max Magliaro 1997. All rights reserved.

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