Midnight Son

Song lyrics

Walked the line in front of me. Did what the directions told me
But somehow I lost my page.
Cast my heroes one by one 'til all of my childhood fun
Was replaced by righteous rage

I'm just a Midnight Son. Look at what I've done.
Took the cards in my hand, played them and ran
I go out all day. See, I'm okay.
I'm just a Midnight Son, runnin' away.

As the sickness takes me, you just cover up for me
and I just play your stupid role.
Feeble part I've scripted, for the one who was so gifted.
Now my heart's been swallowed whole.

Can't you see what's black and blue standing right in front of you?
Climb out now, you're overdue.
See the planet tun 'round. Sun comes up, you're underground,
such a little boy, lost and found.

Mirror's blank upon the wall. I've become no one at all.
There's no spark left in my head.
We all watched the fire go out. No one talks to me about.
I walk on, but I am dead.
I am dead.

Lyrics copyright by Max Magliaro 1999. All rights reserved.

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